What is counseling or therapy about?  Can talking really help me to feel better?  You can't change the past, you know...

  People come to counseling for many reasons.  Some are in crisis.  Some are struggling with emotional distress.
  Some seek to improve their experience of life.  There might be relationship problems.  Maybe there is a tough decision to be made.
  Many people want to reduce their stress and enjoy life more. 
  Others are looking for a private and supportive place to talk through problems, with a good listener, who has the education and life experience.
  Some may be questioning the values and goals they have grown up with, and wondering if it really fits for their life anymore.  Maybe it's time for growth and change.
  Sometimes counseling is difficult, especially when exploring painful subjects.  Usually this is followed by relief, and new understandings.
  Research has shown that for most people, counseling is helpful.  It can help to process emotions and gain new understandings, healing, and perspective. 
  You need a counselor that you feel comfortable working with....let's see if we are a 'good fit' to work together to improve your experience of life.

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