Holly Lineback, CMHC
Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor, State of Utah
  Education: Masters Degree from the University of Utah,
Educational Psychology, 1994.

General Life Counseling and Mental Health Therapy Services
 for Individuals 18 and older
 (for children, couples or families, please seek a marriage&family therapist, MFT)

     Experience:  I opened my private practice Feb. 1, 2011.
     Before that I worked as a school counselor for 12 years, then at a community agency
     for 6 years, dealing with problems such as domestic abuse, substance abuse, and other
     general mental health and life stress problems.

  Current areas of emphasis:  All types of anxiety, stress, worry, depression; 
  life problems and changes, and for those individuals seeking greater fulfillment in life. 

  Concerns that bring people to see me:
     Anxiety: worry, social, panic, agoraphobia, ocd, phobias, etc.
     Sadness and Depression 
     Grief and life losses
     Stressful life situations 
     Relationship issues (though I don't see couples or families)
     Traumatic stress anxiety (PTSD)
     Personality and attitude problems that are getting in the way of a happier life.  
     Life challenges, such as aging, career, grief, loss, finances, health, and relationships.
     Self and Identity issues: questioning & exploring one's identity, values, spirituality, 
          meaning, joy and fulfillment in life.

     Therapy models used:  a blend of the following based on what is needed for that
     individual; CBT (cognitive-behavioral therapy), IPT (interpersonal therapy),
     SFBT (solution focused brief therapy), Mindfulness, wellness and personal life
     coaching, psycho-educational, and positive psychology.


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Holly Lineback, CMHC
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