Payment options
 ​Self-pay: You pay the fee at the time of service, and there is no insurance, or other 3rd party 
billing required of me. My fee is $125, but I offer a sliding scale based on income and need.
 Insurance: Fees are determined by your plan. 
 You pay your deductible or co-pay and I  bill
 them for the balance.
 HSA accounts: You can use them to pay your 
 out-of-pocket costs. 


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 Insurance / Managed Care
The insurance and the health care system is complicated and confusing!
Please try to verify the specifics of your plan before you see me so you know what  your out-of-pocket costs will be.  I can help with that if 
you provide me with your insurance information.
 Look on the back of your insurance card and call the member number
 for Mental Health or Behavioral Health to verify details.
  Some companies contract out for their behavioral services, so sometimes counseling companies are a different name than your
 medical insurance company.
  I am on the following insurance companies provider lists (in general) but please double-check in case your specific plan is different:​
       Cigna, (now EverNorth)
       Regence Blue Cross Blue Shield
       Blue Cross, on most plans nationwide (not on Univ of Ut.)
       EMI (Educator's Mutual Insurance)
       Optum or One Healthcare (most plans)
       PEHP (Public Employees Health Plan)  School district employees
             are required to get pre-authorization, check your plan.
       Select Health
       United HealthCare (One Healthcare, Optum, UMR)

   Other good information to know about insurance and counseling:
      *Is there a deductible? Has it been met for this plan year? If you have a high deductible plan you can pay with an HSA debit card. If not you pay the full contracted amount your plan specifies until the deductible is met.

   If you have an HSA debit card you can it for out of pocket costs.

Verifying insurance coverage and out of pocket costs: questions?
      *What types of issues are covered?  Most require a diagnosis of a
        current emotional problem, such as depression, anxiety, etc. 
      * What is not covered? They may not cover couples counseling, 
        career counseling, or other life problems unless there is also a
        primary emotional diagnosis that is covered.
      * EAP plans will cover any life problems for a limited number of
         sessions, at no cost to you.  They need to authorize services
         ahead of time, and check with me to see if I accept that plan.

Holly Lineback, CMHC
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