There are times in everyone's life when problems can become overwhelming and interfere with our ability to function well and
 feel good. It can affect our work, relationships, and most importantly---our own joy and peace of mind. If you are in
 emotional distress, it could help to consult with a seasoned and approachable counselor.

   I work with people who are stuck or struggling in their life with personal or emotional problems that are negatively affecting  their quality of life.  Is this you or someone you know?  Maybe you've tried some things, but still don't feel better.  Or maybe
 turned  to family and friends, and found that even though they care, they have their limits. 
    As a trained and experienced counselor, I am able to offer an impartial viewpoint in a confidential setting.  Together we can look
 at  sensitive issues in a non-judgmental atmosphere.  I can offer perspective, challenge, insight, support and hope.    
    Maybe you think you should be able to manage everything all by yourself without any help.  Or maybe you think that seeking
 help shows weakness, or would be embarrassing if others knew.  Maybe that kind of thinking is keeping you from taking steps to
 start feeling better.  Counseling is not always quick or easy, but for most people it can provide relief and lead to positive change.   Everyone  goes through challenges at some point in their life.  Get some support, gain perspective on your situation, and start
 feeling better.

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Holly Lineback, CMHC
Clinical Mental Health Counselor
​    By appointment
    Weekdays 9 - 5

Counseling for Emotional Health and Personal Growth
for Individuals age 20+ 
1415 E 2100 S​
Salt Lake City, Ut.  84105
(801) 259-7311
(by appointment, most weekdays 9 - 5, in-person generally)

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